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How should water park industry develop continuously and healthily

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The so-called water park is a kind of theme park. Most of the entertainment facilities are related to water. Common facilities include: water park slide, wave building equipment, river rafting, water skits, skateboarding, interactive water house, etc. Over the past 20 years, China's amusement park industry has explored a path from mere imitation to innovative development. So how should water park industry continue to develop healthily, take you to understand some.
First, it is necessary to continuously deepen the learning and innovation ability of the water park industry. In the future, the industry competition of water parks is to a large extent the competition of innovation ability. It can be said that innovation ability will become one of the core competitiveness of water park enterprises and industries. And industry and the strengthening of enterprise innovation ability, on the one hand, rely on to the water park development trend and existing problems of deep understanding, on the other hand, the innovation ability depends on the water park in developed countries learn and transcendence, coupled with China's specific national conditions and the characteristics of the industry to take a targeted absorption and transformation, finally established its own core competitiveness.

Second, to strengthen the water park talent training and construction, which is closely related to the improvement of the competitiveness of the industry. On the one hand, the training of existing water park talents should be strengthened, including the training of management, technology and service talents. On the other hand, we should pay attention to the construction of talents. We can cooperate with many colleges and universities offering tourism majors in China to integrate the relevant business knowledge of water park into the curriculum system of scenic spot management and product specialty, so as to train the characteristic professional talents by order.

Thirdly, as a special industry, safety is crucial to the healthy development of water park industry. Therefore, it is necessary to establish the safety management system of water park, especially the equipment safety and service safety of water park. At the same time, it is necessary to fully respond to the diversified and comprehensive consumption demands of tourists, improve the service content of water parks through scale expansion or cooperation, and extend the upstream and downstream service value chain of water entertainment.
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