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Matters needing attention in water park

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The Upstream Water Park is a water-themed place with various aquatic entertainment facilities open to the public. With the rapid development of China's economy and the gradual improvement of national living standards, the development of tourism is rapid. The water park also became a star among them and was loved by the broad masses. There are many projects in the water park, and different businesses plan different projects. Water park hot, but water park water treatment should pay attention to what matters?

In the project of upstream orchestra pit, in addition to the design of circulating water purification and treatment system, functional water supply system should also be considered. Functional water supply system is mainly used to provide water for recreational facilities, including lubricating water for water slide, water umbrella, water mushroom and other recreational water. The functional water supply system must not share one set of equipment with the pool water circulating purification treatment system.

Now domestic water park are mostly using quartz sand filter cylinder system, backwash need 15 minutes every time, and using the latest plate and frame type diatomite filter system, reverse wash only need 2 minutes every time, need to consume less water also is only one over ten of the sand filter cylinder system, moreover due to the high filtration precision, plate and frame type diatomite filtration system can be perennial need not change water, water-saving effect is particularly obvious, can effectively reduce water bills for daily operations.
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