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Wangming invited to visit Chinese (Shanghai) recreation Exhibition

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An overview of the exhibition:
China international amusement facilities Expo is the largest event in Asia, which is hosted by the Chinese amusement park association. China amusement park association has rich resources and experience in organizing exhibitions, Chinese attractions Expo from more than 40 countries around the world, the domestic more than 30 provinces, more than 5000 amusement parks and attractions, suppliers, developers and member units. It attracts thousands of professional buyers at home and abroad every year, and is the most influential industry event in Asia.
The October 2017 exhibition will be a grand landing in Shanghai, the 5 day conference and exhibition will be gathered from around more than 30 countries, more than 20 thousand professional buyers, to provide a high quality, broad trade platform for the industry, the exhibition impetus is bound for the development Chinese recreation industry. The exhibition area of the Expo is 25000 square meters.  During the Expo Chinese Tour Association will host the Summit Forum on the development of China theme park industry, the experts and scholars from around the world and China amusement industry keynote speeches, in order to promote the healthy development of China amusement industry.
The scope of the exhibition:
Amusement parks and park recreation facilities: roller coaster, scooter, Ferris wheel, bumper cars, carousel, cable car, cableway sightseeing, recreation and other types of robots, go kart, rotary swing amusement machine, remote control equipment, hitting game machine, residential fitness equipment, inflatable amusement equipment;
Electronic entertainment series: GB, slot machines, electronic game machines and peripherals, analog machines, video games, software and other entertainment, intelligence and entertainment facilities, etc.
Water amusement equipment: photoelectric wave equipment, water slides, boat, yacht, model, water fountain, water treatment equipment, equipment, equipment with drift;
Dynamic movie: 3D/4D movie equipment, water curtain movie, fog curtain movie equipment, performance equipment, special digital photographic equipment, theater equipment, stereoscopic movie special projector, special sound, lighting, vending machine, amusement park and entertainment center management software.
Children's recreation facilities: baby stroller, car, swing car, preschool education facilities, children's playground, children's game model, frame, swing, swing, turntable, slide, naughty fort, trampoline, seesaw, combination of toys, educational toys, safety pad, lefantian, fandoule;
Scenic spots (scenic spots) tourism design planning, theme park planning, design, construction;
The coin machine / game machine and the inflatable amusement equipment;
Unpowered amusement equipment, indoor park equipment for children;
Swimming pool facilities, museum / science and technology center;
Carnival equipment, carnival or market, theme entertainment.
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