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"Celebrate the national day, meet the Mid Autumn Festival" garden activities

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The Mid Autumn Festival approaching, in order to give employees a happy and warm festive atmosphere, so that employees can fully experience the Chinese traditional festival culture, enhance the cohesion and sense of belonging Wangming, company held "to celebrate the national day, mid garden activities. Group leaders said Wangming cordial greetings to all the staff, and I wish everyone a happy Mid-Autumn day.

This event into the mid autumn lantern riddles, I guess you draw, balloon relay, who eat mustard and other programs in the employees were divided into five groups, including 1. team 2. team 3. invincible invincible invincible team 4. team 5. team winner felicitous wish of making money. The final winner is invincible invincible team, second team, third team, winner of felicitous wish of making money, fourth invincible team, the colorful, climax, the applause continued, through the organization of the game in the form of a show, collective style stage for the majority of employees.

This activity, enhance the team's cohesion and sense of belonging of employees, so that employees understand the culture of the company Wangming, enhance intimacy, more support for the staff, and arouse their gratitude and honor, employees have said: Wangming international is a big family, for the family, for our team. Will work harder and more passion to go into work!
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